Nov. 7th, 2011

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Killer-Kate and Luke Lackland: 240 words.  Kate scores, for once in her life, a palpable hit on Mostly Okay Genius.  Oddly, it is her hit that shows him in a better light than almost anything he is doing or saying in this phase of the book.  Not that he can very much appreciate that...

Lord Evil [aside]: MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

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A small piece of news, and a couple of questions, as Killer-Kate speeds towards its conclusion:

My very different Wood of Weyre side-project is now showing as three linked adult* fairy-stories, one per generation, with the third providing a natural terminus. I wonder if together they would add up to a short novel? The Children of Venus sequence presently looks, in broad, like this:

La Grande Charmante and the Little Scrubber, or Cynthia Coeur-de-Verre: Twist on Cinderella (and when I say twist, I'm not talking about the minor detail of having a Princess Charming character, either; I mean supercoiled like DNA in a living chromosome). The solution of which sets up, for Cyndi's daughter,

Red Snow, White Fire, or Nevada Tout-le-Monde: Twist on Snow White, among several other tales, and a problem more fundamental and troubling than the original. Sorting this out, sort of, leaves the last word and the last dare to Nevette's daughter,

Sabella Splendiferous, or La Belle Sans Âme: Twist on Heart of Ice, which turns the wheel around, and practically writes the saga's only possible (non-horrible) conclusion.  How conclusive Sabs & Co. can or want to make it, and over how wide a radius, I can probably only learn in the telling.

There are villains in this story, but they are in no case the traditional villains, nor are they in any case the protagonists.  I'm not even sure yet how important they are to the grand scheme of things, considered purely in themselves.

First question: does this sound ho-hum, here we go again with the Twisted Retellings, or does the bare outline offer at least a suggestion of something different enough to entice?

Second question: is the French (which represents the courtly tongue particularly affected by the fairies, of whom Venus is to all intents and purposes one) obviously stupid in some way not clear to me?

* Definitely adult.  Definitely not porn or very explicit erotica, though the title of the sequence is a clue as to how highly-charged the numerous love-affairs that drive it will have to be, if the job is to be done remotely right.


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