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The great climactic scene of the arc, slightly revised for physical feasibility of the parts that are supposed to be physically feasible.  The Big Bad revealed in all its chaotic terror. 

A running challenge through the rest of the story has been to avoid making every future encounter with BB into a relative damp squib.  I still have work to do on those others.  Power-ups are not an option because this is not that kind of story.  I'm counting heavily on the unwritten "Triona's Way" arclet to bridge the gap between the obvious reasons to be scared of the Bad, and the right reasons to be scared of it.  That aspect is all developed in the text already: unfortunately, it's developed as I discovered it, rather than as I want the reader to meet it. 

This completes the revision of the Last Quest arc.  I certainly haven't finalized every last dot and comma, but every part of this first section now describes exactly what happens, in pretty much exactly the way it's to be told.  I have some standard polishing routines which I'll be running in parallel with the rewriting of the next arc, which have been so generally useful to me that I'll probably give them their own post in the fairly near future. 

But they're almost mechanical.  The big job of the revision is next: the sprawling, exploratory, and curate's-eggy mess that is the Fairfields Arc.  It will be hard work - the scene correspondence isn't going to be one-to-one between drafts in this section, I know that much already! - and also it ought to be a lot of fun.  Fairfields is, almost by definition, a place I love to visit.

For now I'm knocking off with one of the four big arcs completed, only three days behind schedule.  Off to shop for a big bunch of travel I have coming up - and then to celebrate!

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...with a marathon session of 3,800 words, and by golly I'll know it tomorrow.

Go well, proud Kate, fell Luke, Katy my bravest and dearest; and thou, even thou, mad bad Kit Fox!  There will be Redraft; there will be Reworking; there will be Carving Something Readable Out Of This Whopping Big Monster.  But for now, there is this: four years I have known you, and the best part of three years written you, and well I have grown to love you all.  If it is in my power, you and your friends and lovers, companions and children, will see this outer world through many other eyes than mine, and your tale be made a fit one for remembering deep and wide, with joy and tears and catches of sudden ridiculous laughter abounding.  Let us see what I can do for you, who have done so much for me.

It's done.  I don't know what to say.  I don't know what to do.  I think maybe I'll have a glass of red in celebration, to start with.

Iechyd da, all!

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Killer-Kate and Luke Lackland: 3,500 words.  The climactic showdown with the Big Bad finished, and with it the last full chapter.  Now there's nothing left of the first draft but a moderately long epilogue.

Bunny = happy!

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Killer-Kate and Luke Lackland: 2,700 words.  The Puffin Superior kicks over the traces; Lord Evil objects; Golden Kate overrules him with a vengeance.  I've been waiting four years for this moment, and Kate's been waiting forty.  The Family Fight is SO CONCLUDED!

So that's the second climax - underpinned with something newer, more sinister, and generally squigglier, that leads me on to the last desperate throw, and the final confrontation with the Big Bad.  First, I'll just be wanting to tie off the ends of this chapter.


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Killer-Kate and Luke Lackland: 780 words, concluding the Night Without Stars, and the chapter, and the long arc of the Rising.  The Red Tiger sleeps.

Two more chapters that make the Bonfire Arc, and then the Epilogue.  Now to begin the chapter of Mother and Son, and bring the political and family conflicts to their final crisis.  My first job is now to re-read all the matter that led up to the Four Agenda Pile-Up, and get back into my head just what everybody was trying to do to everybody else when Kate set off for Langdale.

The conclusion I know already: it's one of those scenes I've been waiting all book to write.

Meanwhile, another Kateverse folksong has bubbled out of wherever these things bubble out of, singing tekeli-li-nonny all the day and so forth.  The Ballad of Clare the Crafty tells of the great deed of Luke's smarter elder sister, twenty years back - if you call representing the Gordian Knot as a washing-line 'telling'.  It's always fascinating to see how making something sound like a song people actually sing, can smooth all the characters and truths down into the Same Old Mould.

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Killer-Kate and Luke Lackland: 460 words.  The priest confessing Luke just received a very elemental version of Too Much Information.  The story has reached its uttermost depth, and bounced hard.  There is much that is terrible and heartbreaking still to follow, but it's all on the way up, and there is no more despair ever after.



Mar. 31st, 2011 10:44 am
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Booksquee!  I just acquired - free, gratis, and by unanimous and enthusiastic accord that nobody but me wanted it - a quite nicely preserved Everyman hardback of Percy's Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, Vol I.

It isn't particularly rare or financially valuable, but I've been seeing references to Reliques since I was about fourteen, and never ever have I actually seen or held a copy of it.

Inside my head, I am boinging away like Zebedee off the Magic Roundabout.

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Killer-Kate and Luke Lackland: 360 words, of comradeship and Bonecold Refugee.

The Wave That Broke on the Ingerfell: A complete 2,400 word Kateverse short story!  An earthy folk-tale from Cauldale of how Kit Fox tried to scam a penny bag of nails from somebody, and everything got completely out of hand.  Chicken Little meets Rudyard Kipling for a story which reflects nothing that ever happened or nearly happened in the 'historical' Kateverse at all, except that Kit Fox happened to it.

I didn't foresee the actual climax of the story until just before I wrote it.  This was just pure fun in motion, all the way through.

Very little redrafting needed.  This I can handily do in time for International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day, to which The Wave That Broke on the Ingerfell is now scheduled as my contribution.  I wondered what I was going to be able to whip up for that!


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