Jan. 10th, 2012

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Killer-Kate and Luke Lackland: Slogging away through the diplomatic muddle (I've got up to the first serious engagements now).  The original point of this week's work was just to get the political manoeuvring to make consistent sense from everybody's point of view.  But...

...I think that having come up with my first revision list, I'm going to need to do the character consistency passes for about a dozen major characters before I attempt the actual political rewrite.  There are so many personal agendas and idiosyncrasies mixed right up into the heart of the diplomacy, that rewriting on the basis of what makes sense for the two 'sides' would be vastly misleading and a big waste of effort.

The big revelation so far is Lord Evil, who on review is turning into a much more complex and formidable ratfink than I'd taken him for.  There really is a whiff of Falstaffian tragedy about him, and I am even beginning to sort of understand where he and all his wickedness are coming from.  In some ways his marrow-deep corruption is almost like a mundane and aristocratic mirror of the Big Bad's.  At any rate, I think his final version may actually display the charm of which he has always been supposedly capable.

These new thoughts about the Big Bad have also given me a great  idea for upgrading the Grand Finale, which I ought to try to put into actual prose tonight while it's... hot.


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