Mar. 23rd, 2012

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Has anybody ever heard a Daily Mail or Fox-style conservative rant receive a response anything like this?

"I'm not being unpatriotic, but you need to calm down. Nobody's going to listen to you when you sound white-hot angry all the time. I'm not saying it's fair, I'm just being a realist. Ordinary urban folks are going to be scared and switch off when you sound like you've got so much hate in you - when it's like whatever they say they get jumped on for not being somehow culturally correct, you know? I get that you feel like your traditions are being attacked on all sides, and I agree that still happens and it's really bad. Yeah, there is a really nasty futurist minority, and they have way too much power. But to be brutally frank, modern cities have most of the people and most of the money, and when you go on like this, all you're doing is strengthening the old WRONG angry-backwoodsman-with-torches stereotypes, and driving people straight into arms of the Socialist Workers or the Panthers or the Liberal Democrats or something... [etc., ad lib.]"

Now, since the style of rant this would respond to is all about the victimhood and disempowerment of 'ordinary'/'real'/'traditional'/'mainstream' English/American/Western Civilizationian people -

- why, in the ranter's terms, would this not be sensible advice?

If it would not be sensible advice for them, why would anyone given to such rants expect its reverse to be sensible for anybody else?

And if white/male/straight/orthodox/foo were really now the new black/female/gay/heretic/bar, why would they not expect the prevailing direction of Helpful Advice On Tone to have turned around with it?

I'm serious about asking for examples of the Reversed Tone Argument in the wild, but I'm not seriously expecting to get many, if any. I've been around a lot of sites pretty much across the political spectrum, and this particular argument is looking predictably monotone to date. (I've found plenty of examples of offensive speech-policing moves couched in progressive terms - but nothing that remotely qualifies for this slot.)


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