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Killer-Kate and Luke Lackland: 1,650 words, and a wild ride which I didn't know where it was going until the very last moment.  Lord Evil temporarily discomfited; an important secondary character nearly gets her soul eaten by accident; and Flashy Elder Brother and his father most spectacularly earn a good few chapter's worth of their passage.  I do love a scene of deep unexpected horror in which the final resolution has me bursting out loud with laughter and relief!  I hope that effect will generalize to future readers...

This messes the hell about with the rest of the Garcastle scenes, though.  I'll have to tie off the business with the Duke's Relatively Okay Genius tomorrow when I've cooled down enough to think sensibly, and see how things look from there.

I also emitted a poem in a white fury triggered by semi-random recollection of the myth of Cassandra and Apollo.  I will not rehearse it here because, although I think it one of my better efforts, it is really very horrible.  But at least Cass got to be the unequivocal hero of the piece for once, and may just have landed a blow as cruel and telling as the prophetic curse the Sun-God laid on her.  Ever since my dream of St Lucy's Eve, I've been feeling even less fond of that particular gilded orc than I was previously.

Dionysus, now...


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