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Finished the first scene in the revised Fairfields Arc.  It was at least 50% erase-and-start-again.  I gave Luke's hosts better sense in how to deal with obviously traumatized and very very dangerous patients, and I gave Luke a better apple than he got last time.  Also, Makepeace Hall and its bit of land now have an actual - if very crude - map in my workbook, and an approximate daily routine against which everything else takes place.

Chief credit for helping me make sense of the Hall's domestic economy goes to:

- my mother, Jean Woodland, for many nerding sessions and pointed questions that have rendered many previously invisible things visible;

- that invaluable sourcebook, overview, and jumping-off point, Life in a Medieval Village, by Frances and Joseph Gies;

- [personal profile] green_knight and her many thoughtful postings on the writing process, for persuading me into the following excellent habit: When in doubt, map it out!

Oh, and the apple?  Here is the apple of awesome which I found out about while messing around, and immediately scrumped for my own use because it is such a perfect fit for this setting.  Read 'em and drool!

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Yesterday I took one of my TOIL days to have a new back door put into my house.  Since the weather was perfect, I got to slap on the first coat of varnish at once.  A simple and time-consuming, yet strangely satisfying, occupation.  Two more over the next couple of evenings, and I'll be done.  Then for my next trick I need only remove the brambles which have been rioting unmolested over my garden all year.

The old door was to blame for my neglect, since it was somewhat decayed.  Though it could be opened at need, it would then not shut or lock properly until the whim and the weather took it - sometimes for weeks together.  This sort of deprived it of any function save as an emergency exit.  But now I can get into my garden again, without leaving my house exposed to any passing villain who dares the bogs and briars of the canal towpath out back.  I am probably in for my biggest scratching since the curious incident of the Flying Kung Fu Cat in the afternoon.  Eh well!

240 words of the new chapter all day, and those only written to avoid the shame of going to bed with no pixel stains on my fingers.  Lavender skies, a crummy claymore, an old soldier out of company and campfires.


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