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Chugging along here restructuring the Fairfields Arc, with several new scenes in prospect, and a much stronger rôle for Katy Elflocks herself.   Fixing of plotting and pacing continues.  I have two alternative timelines on the go, one of which is going to have to be eliminated before I know just what the whole plot and flavour will turn out like.  More work on hand before it's clear which version works best.
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Killer-Kate and Luke Lackland: First chapter notes on the sequel to the Battle of Carrowglaze.  Of course the bloomin' thing has immediately fissioned: three chapters and epilogue to go, once more!  Still, it's progress.

What this short transitional Chapter of the Flowers is doing, is letting up the pressure between the recent intensity of the Battle and the coming intensity of the Family Fight.  The latter is just too dense and wracking to follow directly on from the former.  So I'm making a virtue of the contrivance I'm using to get one character where and when I want them; and having Kate's second embassy to Garcastle go the long way around via the lower ends of the dales, between which runs a road that can reasonably bear a carriage.

That gives Kate & Co. a little more time for their grief, and for waking to the strange new world their deeds have brought with the morning, before I bring us to the discord that introduces the true chapter of Mother and Son.  It also lets me move some crowded material about the rival Saturnist revolutionaries in lower Langdale, out of explanations and epilogue.  The Saturnist lollers are... just a bit of a problem, in the sense that militant proto-Maoist Anabaptist friars on crusade might not have been the Diggers' dream allies in the fields we know.  So now we're going to see a little of Luke's response directly, instead of slipping it all into later exposition.  This yarn isn't really about Folk Saturnism at all, but surely is about its wellsprings and about Katy's alternative, so I have to weave a fair deal of that matter into the borders.

I'll start the Flowers directly, while I'm still working out the structure of the subsequent chapter - seeing as I know what I need to feed through already.

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That peculiar condition occurring whereby a scene that was really dramatic in your head slumps, when performed by the actual characters, into a merely serious and somewhat tense conversation.

That prosy lump through which I slogged out a beggarly 200 words in the grey light this morning. I shall finish it - and the chapter - tonight, because I know how this modest scenelet will now play out. It will not (and must not) survive in this form through the redraft.

I do at least see what my problem is. There is just too much stuff that has to be unpacked, before the characters can really cut loose into the drama I'd intended. I didn't know what most of it was, before I wrote this. Now I know, and the unpacking is going to have to be redistributed backwards, and the climax shifted forwards to give it extra room for doing so. Before I can do that... I need at least one more rough chapter's worth of data.

The first was my two protags' arrival in this precarious mediaeval anarchotopia; this one is the man's exploration of it. The next is the woman's, and she has been the Duchess of Drama since I created her a couple of years back. She is also quite good at smacking my head when I annoy her.

I have some hopes that old Kate, at least, will prove herself thoroughly smoosh-proof.


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