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Dec. 31st, 2012 11:53 am
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Via [ profile] birdsedge:

Meme - The Locus best of lists. Bold the ones you've read, italicise the ones you gave up on and leave the ones you haven't read yet.

Massive listosaurus: )

Okay, that was interesting...

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[info]sophiamcdougall, author of the Romanitas trilogy, has been inspired by recent vapourings on the steampunk front to produce this handy-dandy guide to smacking down inferior forms of literature. Don't miss!

Must dash - have been afflicted with plot bunny for paranormal romance which will finally catapult me up the bestseller lists where I belong! There's this hot, sassy, sparkly tattooed unicorn vampire girl, who is being stalked by a jaded cynical Egyptian mummy with a past, but not in a creepy way or anything! When magical terrorist conspiracy Ar-Qaina plant a series of evil relics on the London Underground, can our heroes overcome their differences to neutralize them with hot sex-positive pagan magic - before their fellow-citizens are trapped eternally as mindless eunuchs and odalisques in the lazily ripped-off pleasure-dome of High Djinn X?!!

Gee, this is easy!  Guess some audiences will read anything!  I wonder why I never thought of getting rich this way before, lolz!

See you all in Monte Carlo next summer.  Boy, that was one handy route-map...

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Got back last night from a thoroughly revivifying week with the Mam in Anglesey.  Heard our first cuckoo, by the feet of Holy Mountain!  Saw our first puffin, clowning around by the great cleft in the rocks of South Stack!  Ate sea bass with banana and tomato chutney at the tiny, unpretentious, but ever-delicious Harbourfront Bistro!    (The chutney is infinitely more scrumptious than it sounds, and complements the bass to a nicety.)  Began my crisp-leaved new copy of Grand Central Arena on the train home! 

The one thing I did not do was add wordcount to the novel.  Instead, I lolled, scribbled, quaffed, and let my mind range over the possibilities for rewriting the current arc into a clean and solid draft.  Still ranging, but back to the writing again now.

Life is good.


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