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The easy-going lifestyle of Little Acton up the Junction is in danger!  Arch-villain The Big Boss and his army of soulless Taylorites have come to town with bills and clipboards, hell-bent on wringing the last dram of productivity from the luckless Little Actonians.  Shall all joy, good-fellowship, and leisure depart from the ancient County of Middlesex forever?

Mild-mannered clerk Darren Doolittle says, "Blow that for a game of soldiers!"   But saying "Blow that for a game of soldiers!" is just the easy part!!!  In order to banish The Big Boss and eff off his ineffable efficiency experts, Dazzer Boy will have to cast an idle glance in the general direction of the hero inside himself, and get his well-padded posterior into the lycra leotards of the immovable


Captain Argon!  Captain Argon!

Captain Argon!  Half the comic's past!
Plot has not got started!  He cannot be arsed!
Captain A, whatever...

Find a copy lying around within easy reach of you, later!!!!

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Ere we sink to slavery,
Rise in war and strike us free!
Ere we fall to love of war,
Lay we down, to rise no more.

It would be a happier world if the human condition didn't extend to the ability to fail on both counts at once!  For the record, I think that love of war is by far our most intractable present problem of the two, especially - and here is the part that touches today - belligerence by conceited or cowardly persons who consider themselves only as legitimate authors of war, never as its participants or legitimate targets.

I do not want to hear a howl for war from anybody who has not just about broken their back and heart trying the alternatives.  Yes, sometimes the tree of liberty may well need watering with the blood of tyrants - but one of the best tests for a tyrant is whether all milder means of irrigation, such as taking the piss out of them, have ceased to be practical. 

And I fancy some extension of that rule might often apply across borders.


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